Thursday, 8 January 2015

The TVs of CES 2015 (CNET Picture Gallery)

TV technology is becoming insane in the Tech Giants' ongoing efforts to make your current screen look tiny and outdated before it's even out of the box.

At CES this year, Samsung showed off a 105-inch bendable SUHD TV - that's a screen that actually goes from flat to curved and back again. (Oh, and for the record, SUHD is "Samsung Ultra-HD", not Super-Ultra-HD like I first thought.)

There was also plenty of ultra-thin screens, with some measuring at just over 0.5 cm thick!

But the biggest draw card, no doubt, were the 8K, or "FUHD", screens. These have actually been tech demo'd at past shows, and are still being shown as concept products only, but it seems manufacturers are pretty keen to start spruiking the next HD entertainment revolution. Trouble is, 4K TVs have barely begin to hit their stride, 4K Blu-ray discs & players won't be available until later in the year and as far as I know, no 4K streaming services are currently available in Australia. There is literally no 4K content available to play on your shiny new 4K screen and yet its successor is already well on its way.

It just makes me wonder: How many pixels do I really need on my TV? And how many more times am I going to have to buy the same damn movies in order to be able to experience them "like never before"?

Check out the CNET TVs of CES 2015 Picture Gallery.