Saturday, 18 January 2014

Librarian: 8th Least Stressful Job of 2014!

Rupert Giles: Watcher, Hero, Librarian. Not free from stress. is a job search website, and according to this post on The Wall Street Journal blog, they post a yearly ranking of the 10 Most Stressful and 10 Least Stressful jobs.

And according to this years rankings, Librarian comes in as the 8th Least Stressful job, with a stress score of 10.58.

(Though for the record, this is not the reason I've chosen to switch careers to become a Librarian, but it is a nice bonus. The real reason I want to be a librarian is so I can wear tweed jackets with leather patches on the elbows!)

For comparison, the list of all 10 Least Stressful jobs is presented below. There'll no doubt be some contention about these (for example, I imagine a Drill Press Operator experiences significant stress when the drill goes through their hand), so be sure to head over to the CareerCast website for a breakdown on how the "stress scores" are calculated

Least stressful jobs:

1. Audiologist
Stress Score: 3.35

2. Hair Stylist
Stress Score: 5.41

3. Jeweler
Stress Score: 7.26

4. University Professor (Tenured)
Stress Score: 8.43

5. Seamstress / Tailor
Stress Score: 9.5

6. Dietitian
Stress Score: 10.24

7. Medical Records Technician
Stress Score: 10.5

8. Librarian
Stress Score: 10.58

9. Multimedia Artist
Stress Score: 10.94

10. Drill-Press Operator
Stress Score: 11.32

And the Most Stressful job: Enlisted Military Personnel. Seems getting shot at is stressful. Who knew?