Thursday, 19 December 2013

Where Do We Stand with The Stand?

Marvel's The Stand - Volume 1

Widely reported across the interwebs last month was the news that Scott Cooper had become the third director to leave Warner Bros. planned adaptation of Stephen King's epic, post-apocalyptic tome The Stand (following in the footsteps of Ben Affleck and David Yates, either of whose take on the novel I'd have been well happy to see). I can't help but think that once a project starts amassing a string of director's jumping ship (especially at WB - Wonder Woman, Superman, Akira, etc) that it's become cursed and will be doomed to remain in Hollywood's Development Hell for all eternity...or at least a decade.

Personally, I'm hoping they get this up and running soon (Paul Greengrass was rumoured around the time of Cooper's departure to be at the top of WB's wish list, and he'd no doubt make an excellent job of it, but who's to say if he's even actually been offered it yet); the last good film based on a King novel to grace theatre screens was 's excellent The Mist back in 2007 (oh, hey WB! give Frank a call...seriously, he understands King better than any other director working today), so we're well over due for some quality, big screen Kingness.

But if you're still unsure as to the need for this movie to get made, have a read of Christian Cintron's article "Why Stephen King's 'The Stand' Needs to Be Made", and then take a gander at Alex Zalben's frankly awesome suggestion that The Stand should be the first installment in an epic King Movie Universe - The KMU, if you will :)