Monday, 26 August 2013

Thoughts on 'Batman vs Superman' & Affleck's Casting

Was sent a link to the article 'Ben Affleck, and the ingredients for a great Batman movie' over on Den of Geek and sent the following reply. Rather liked it, so decided to share it here.
I had to chuckle at the expectation that this has a chance of being a 'great' Batman movie. For all that I enjoyed Dawn of the Dead & 300, I have lost all faith in Snyder's abilities as director since MoS; his modus operandi is most definitely one of style over substance.
I did have the thought that, assuming they play this as continuous with the DK trilogy, there is no need for any origin- or back-story for Bats, so this removes much of the gravitas required of Affleck's portrayal. He can simple be Batman in much the same manner Ledger was the Joker without the need for any introduction. Though of course, this approach will encounter many other problems such as how is it Clark seemingly had no knowledge of the masked hero who saved Gotham from annihilation; why has Bruce/Bats chosen to reveal that he's not dead; how does his return affect 'Robin' who now presumably owns Wayne Manor and may or may not be operating as his own version of Batman/Nightwing; and given the already aged Bruce's defeat at the hands Bane (which effectively happened twice given that Selena had to save him in the second match up) how can we possibly believe in an even older Bruce's ability to beat Supes (though I've no doubt this will be handled by a combination of a weakened Supes--hello kryptonite, again!--and a ridiculously tech'ed and gadgeted up Batsuit).
On the other hand, they may elect to ditch the established timeline altogether and reintroduce the character, but this will inevitably lead to yet another lengthy Batman origin story as they once again establish how the masked vigilante came to be, whilst at the same time catching us up to speed with "what Clark Kent/Superman did next" and possible (likely?) also introducing the "real" villain of the movie, because let's face it, WB will not be wanting to have this movie end with either Batman or Superman being the bad guy...where would that leave a future Justice League movie? One feels that this movie will ultimately suffer the "too many villains" fate of previous sequel/prequel failures* while also ending up being a case of major "premature nerdgasm" as there simply won't be time to do justice to the why of Batman and Superman going head-to-head.
Ultimately, I'm already hugely disappointed in this movie regardless of the casting and while I would like to believe that this means the filmmakers have a chance of exceeding my low expectations at the end of the day, I feel it more likely that there will be further disappointments to come (although if the guy from Breaking Bad does get cast as Luthor, I'll be mildly pleased).
* For examples, see Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Spider-Man 3, X-Men: The Last Stand, etc.