Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Favourite Albums of 2012

...better late than never :)

[Edit: the whole post was taking far to long to load, so I've split this into separate parts; see below for navigation]

As is usually the case with me, I've somewhat missed the boat on this. Most other music based websites and blogs (you know, the ones run by organised people) usually post their "Best Of" lists in December. But it's taken me three weeks to put this post together, so I'm publishing mine in the second week of January, dagnabbit, and if no one reads it, well that's just too bad!

Anywho, I've embedded a Spotify playlist below that includes most of the albums I'm featuring on my list of favourites for 2012, so feel free to have a listen, or read on after the jump for an "in depth" listing on each of the 44 long players that were my absolute favourites last year.

No music writer am I, so in most cases I've included a review from elsewhere around the Interwebs, but this is kind of pointless as I firmly believe that no amount of critical writing can effectively convey what an album is really like ("dancing about architecture" and all that) and musical taste is so individual anyhow that anyone else's opinion counts for pretty much squat! So, with that in mind, I've also taken the time to embed a SoundCloud player featuring some of the tracks from each of the albums (or the whole album, if available) so you needn't make up your mind based on my say so, nor on the wordsmith-ability of the reviewer, but rather based on your own feelings of aural-connectedness to the tunes in question.

Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5 -- Part 6

And here's the world premier of my new sign off phrase - let me know what you think:
May life bring you all that you need and enough of what you want!