Monday, 5 November 2012

FORWARD! NYC is a mess, and though I’m... (via

FORWARD! NYC is a mess, and though I’m one of the lucky ones around here, Hurricane Sandy only made me more certain how important the election Tuesday is. The center has been drifting right for 30+ years, and our sense of community, collectivity, dismantled across the sprawl of suburbia, drowned in the noise of media, blinded by the illusion that we are supermen with magic technology —-as opposed to what we really are—- working people on all fours who don’t realize that Oligarchs are using our backs as snack tables. Voting for PRESIDENT OBAMA is IMPORTANT. To stop the drift, to establish respect for women and LGBT community, to build upon healthcare reform, to protect Unions and try to restore American manufacturing through green energy and the auto industry. TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE will occur in our lives, communities, conversations, backyards, across many generations to come…outside of politics, and then perhaps within it. BUT THIS IS JUST A CRUCIAL MOMENT. Call your family members and tell them how important this is, with respect and coercion. Then drag a random teenager or two to the polls. Buy them cigarettes. Whatever it takes. SHARPEN YOUR FOCUS NOW AND DO WHAT YOU CAN OVER THESE LAST FOUR DAYS, PLEASE!

-Michael Grace Jr