Friday, 14 September 2012

Wii U Games: Nintendo Land


Roll up! Roll up! Take a stroll around this virtual theme park and enjoy all things Nintendo! Explore 12 lively attractions, each inspired by a popular Nintendo franchise, and enjoy them solo or with others, depending on the game.* It’s charming, entertaining and unique – it’s Nintendo Land!

Nintendo Land makes the most of the Wii U console’s capabilities to give each player a unique experience. Up to four players using Wii Remote Plus controllers can play on the television, but holding the GamePad lets you use its integrated screen to get new perspectives and access information the other players can’t see. Your experience changes every time you play, depending on whether you use the GamePad, hold a Wii Remote Plus or just watch and try to offer advice to others. Experience it all!

Here are some examples of the attractions that await you in Nintendo Land. Enjoy your visit!

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

Will you guard the orchard’s sweets, or do you want to enjoy them for yourself? If you prefer to save the stash then use the GamePad to control two guards and strive to protect the sweets! Up to four other players can play as the sweet-toothed animals, using Wii Remote Plus controllers and working together to outwit and outrun the guards. The game will end when either the animals collect a combined total of 50 sweets, or the guards manage to catch any one of the animals three times. Happy hunting!

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course

Guide your rickety cart through the hazardous obstacle course and steer your way out of trouble in this single-player game. Using the Wii U GamePad’s motion control capabilities, tilt to manoeuvre your way to the end of a course resembling the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Even if you’re not playing, you can offer advice, or see what not to do, while you wait for your turn!

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

Do you prefer to shoot arrows or wield a sword? If you decide on being an archer then you can use the GamePad to aim and shoot while using its integrated screen as a viewfinder. Up to four other players can join you, wielding their Wii Remote Plus controllers like swords! Work together and fight off the enemies as you make your way through a fabric version of environments from The Legend of Zelda series.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion

Spook or be spooked! Choose whether you want to be a sneaky spirit and use your invisibility to capture the Mii characters, or play as a Mii and use your torch’s beam to bring that ghost out of the shadows! The player with the GamePad is a ghost who must stay hidden and hunt the other players down one by one, while up to four other players try to shine their light on the ghost. The team has to work together and try to revive any unconscious teammates before the ghost catches them all! The ghost wins if it can make all other players faint, but if the Mii characters can shine their torches on the ghost long enough to reduce its hit points to zero, they win. Sneaky stuff!

Takamaru's Ninja Castle

Ready, aim – SWIPE! In this single-player game you must fend off the growing army of ninja attackers and take them out with ninja stars! Intuitively move the Wii U GamePad around to take aim and then swipe to launch the ninja stars one by one.  Consecutive hits earn you more points, so make sure you aim well!
  • Nintendo’s most famous names come together in one action-packed collection of theme park games!
  • Play solo, against other players, or even co-operatively in dynamic multiplayer games
  • Multiplayer modes offer a range of experiences and roles depending on whether you choose to play with a Wii U GamePad or the Wii Remote Plus controllers
* Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode, sold separately.
Please note that all content, media and artwork are based on Nintendo Land as shown during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2012. Come back soon for the full site!