Sunday, 2 September 2012

doctorwho: Announcement: it’s the return of Livetumblring the...


Announcement: it’s the return of Livetumblring the BBC America broadcast premieres of the Doctor Who!

We’re livetumblring the east coast and west coast US premieres of Asylum of the Daleks on BBC America as we do with all new episodes!

For those who haven’t seen this sort of thing before, we reblog your reactions, your quotes, along with screenshots and gifs as they happen on the broadcast — it happens on your tv and you see it in your dashboard.

We do this from 9p-10:15p EDT, take a break to adjust the Helmic regulator, put up some non-spoilery posts during the break and then livetumbl again from 9:00p-10:15p Pacific Time.

Because we’re doing it in real time — there is no way for us to avoid posting spoilers during these hours!

**SO** if you need to avoid spoilers, install Tumblr Savior. <— That’s a link to instructions for all browsers. We will tag all of our posts ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. This will be the tag to avoid. We’re pinning this post to make sure that everyone sees *this specific piece of information*.

Alternate solutions include unfollowing and refollowing us or just stepping away from your dashboard for a bit b/c the UK premiere is just two hours away and we’re not the only ones who will be excited and posting reactions.

So yeah, for those of us who were with us for last season, we are so happy to have you back! For those who are #newtoWHO we are so happy you are here! We have it on good authority that this season is going to be amazeballs!

See you tonight!

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