Sunday, 1 July 2012

I'm Going Dry for July

Please consider clicking on my profile and making a donation, or sign up yourself to support a great cause.

About Dry July

Dry July is a non-profit organisation determined to improve the lives of adults living with cancer through an online social community giving up booze for the month of July.

Whether joining as a part of a team or as an individual, DJ's ( [dee-jay] noun: a person or team actively sponsored to participate in Dry July) take on the 31 days of July to raise funds and directly help adults living with cancer and their families to improve their quality of life.

This year Dry July is proud to have on board twenty beneficiaries across Australia and New Zealand. The campaign operates a full circle fundraising model, which gives DJ's clarity on how beneficiary funds are used within each hospital. It is important to the Dry July Team to deliver an efficient, low-cost campaign, utilising online technology to minimise administration costs.

Dry July is also a chance to raise awareness of individual drinking habits, the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle, a personal challenge, encourage positive change and an awareness of a healthy attitude to alcohol consumption.

Our Mission:

Directly benefit adult cancer patients with real and tangible change by providing funds to create better environments and support networks for patients and their families.

Raise awareness of drinking habits and the value of a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision:

Be a well respected not-for-profit organisation locally, nationally and internationally in the online, cancer and hospital community.