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Comic-Con: Marvel offers updates on Thor and Captain America sequels, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Iron Man 3

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Guardians of the Galaxy character artwork.jpgMAKING the most of its appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Marvel Studios has teased fans with a host of new information about upcoming releases.

Kevin Feige, president of the comic book giant's filmmaking arm, announced titles for two upcoming sequels as Thor: The Dark World (released November 8, 2013) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4, 2014).

While we don't yet know exactly what is meant by the name of the Thor follow-up, the latter's title is a reference to a comic book story involving the Captain's sidekick Bucky Barnes, who was played by Sebastian Stan in the first film.

In the comics, Bucky's preserved body is found by the Soviets and he is revived and reprogrammed as an assassin called the Winter Soldier.

As was already suggested ahead of Comic-Con, it will be Guardians of the Galaxy that arrives on August 1, 2014, with a team comprising Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot (as seen in the artwork above).

But, before all those, next to hit the big screen will be Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013. Footage shown at the convention confirmed our suspicions that Ben Kingsley will play the Mandarin, with the character's trademark ten rings in evidence.

In addition, director Edgar Wright made a surprise appearance to talk about his Ant-Man movie and screened test footage that showed the character accessing a building in his insect-sized version, via an air vent, and then transforming briefly to normal size before shrinking again and then leaping up to attack two guards.

There's no casting news yet for the character, which has been in the works for the past six years. On its slow crawl to the screen, Wright quipped that: "I'm taking the Terrence Malick approach to superheroes."

The rough footage had a very positive reaction that swept aside the doubts of fans who believed the project would never work as a live-action film - or that we would never see it get made - and Wright teased: "Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time."

New logo artwork for these releases has also been unveiled and is included below. Disappointingly, there was no sign of anything relating to other planned films such as Doctor Strange, Black Panther or Inhumans.

Thor 2 The Dark World.jpg

Captain America The Winter Soldier.JPG

Guardians of the Galaxy logo.jpg

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