Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Dark Knight Marathon is Coming to AMC Theatres

Originally posted on ComingSoon - 4 June 2012

Read the below post and though to myself "Damn those lucky Yanks and their fancy Movie Marathons!":
As they did with last month's Ultimate Marvel Marathon, AMC Theatres is planning a special showcase of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy in select theaters on July 19th. What's more, their official site is reporting that the upcoming finale, The Dark Knight Rises, will have a running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes, making it the longest entry in the franchise.
But then my brother sent me this link - Dark Knight Trilogy | IMAX Melbourne - and I was all happy again!

Check below the jump for all the details on the IMAX Melbourne screenings. And don't go booking any tickets before I have the chance to secure the best seats in the house - you have been WARNED!

Tickets on sale 9am Monday June 11 - to find out when follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

That’s right – we’re doing it! We are giving you the ultimate way to see out Chris Nolan’s Batman. Start at the beginning, witness the fall then applaude the rise of Gotham’s Caped Crusader - on the only screen big enough to show it!

IMAX Melbourne is showing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight followed by the finale of the epic trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises – in the ultimate movie marathon!

Dark Knight Trilogy: $75 - 6pm Wednesday 18th July
6pm: Batman Begins
8.15pm: Dinner Box*
9pm: The Dark Knight
12am (Midnight): The Dark Knight Rises
This trilogy includes the first screening of The Dark Knight Rises at IMAX Melbourne Museum.

Dark Knight Trilogy: $75 - 6am Thursday 19th July
6am: Batman Begins
8.15am: Breakfast Box*
9am: The Dark Knight
12pm (Midday):The Dark Knight Rises
This trilogy includes the first day-time sceening of The Dark Knight Rises at IMAX Melbourne Museum.

9 hours of Batman. 90 minutes of IMAX sequences. 7 storeys high. That’s more Batman then the Batcave! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES TRILOGY - ONLY AT IMAX MELBOURNE MUSEUM!

1) All tickets to the trilogy are $75 each and will include either breakfast OR dinner.
2) Unfortunately we cannot accept any free or discounted tickets to these special event screenings
3) Admission to individual films cannot be purchased separately
4) Discounted car parking will be available for the trilogies. Entrance from either Rathdowne St or Nicholson St Carlton
*Dinner - burger and fries.  Breakfast - egg bacon and cheese roll with fruit skewer.  Vegetarian and gluten free options available.

View the trailers:

Batman Begins HERE
The Dark Knight HERE
The Dark Knight Rises HERE

A big credit 'Nitrobot' from the SUPERHEROHYPE forum for the amazing trilogy artwork used on this page - truly impressive.