Wednesday, 6 June 2012

E3 2012: Another Nintendo E3 Done & Dusted

The "big" Nintendo E3 Press Conference for 2012 is now naught but a memory and the inevitable post-E3 let-down sets in.

We've only ourselves to blame, really. We, the devoted fan boys & girls who salivate over ever tiny morsel of rumor that hits the Internet in the days and weeks leading up to the E3 press conferences. Obsessively posting our thoughts on various blogs offering opinions on everything from which games we want to see to what spectacular hardware surprises will be revealed. The sheer amount of "news" that gets posted in the lead up to E3 is mind boggling; but with each new post we read, with each new outlandish claim or leaked stat we salivate over, we whip ourselves into ever heightened states of frenzy. So much so, in fact, that unless Jesus himself walk onstage to announce that the shiny new console and games displayed before us would deliver mankind unto a new paradise of eternal life and unending joy, we'd probably still be disappointed.

And this is exactly the problem with E3. By it's very nature, it thrives on the hype generated as the days tick by toward the event. Without the hype, the event itself would be largely pointless; a non-event if you will. But the hype is so over-hyped that when the actual presentations roll around, there is really nothing that the gaming companies can show us to satisfy our ridiculously high expectations.

So yes, I feel somewhat disappointed at Nintendo's showing eariler today. No new Zelda, no Super Mario Universe, not even a new Donkey Kong. Don't get me wrong though, I'm well excited about Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U, and it looks like we'll finally be getting some of the excellent third party games that recent generations of Nintendo home consoles have so sorely lacked (bring on Arkham City). But ultimately, the presentation lacked a real killer reveal. Nintendo needed to bring some seriously mind-blowing secret games to light at it's presentation today to really kick off the Wii U hype and unfortunately they failed miserably. And actually, even a new Zelda or Mario wouldn't have done; what I was really hoping for was the reveal of a big new IP. Something never seen before; a brand new, genre busting, franchise starting, mascot creating game that would show off exactly what the Wii U is capable of and how the GamePad can be fully utilised. Something to serve as a challenge to all the third party developers, saying "This is what we've come up with inhouse, now we dare you to do better!" Something that would leave the Sony's and Microsoft's of the world (once again) scratching their heads and wondering just how the hell would they be able to some up with something that innovative and unique.

But alas, it was not to be. I knew, weeks ago I just damn-well knew, that I was getting myself over-excited. But I fell into the trap once again. As with every E3, I allowed myself to get carried away in the hype, pinned all my hopes and dreams on something that was never going to eventuate, and now I sit here and commiserate with myself and tell myself "I told you so" in equal measure.

Oh well, there's always the possibilities of the 3DS Software Showcase tomorrow (please new Zelda, please new Zelda, please new Zelda!), but failing that all I can say is...bring on E3 2013!

Fergster Out!