Friday, 13 April 2012

Young Oceans

Young Oceans

Brooklyn, NY / Gospel | Experimental


Before the beginning it is said the great Spirit of God in canopies of darkness hovered over the face of the deep the brooding potential of all to come stirring the waters down into the ominous void went the words of God creating space to be filled with water and life teeming first light on the young oceans vast the life it grew always on into the space beyond though the poisons came bent backs and nothing was the same except for God before the end it is said we the young oceans will wrestle no more with the deep dark glimpsing out like children before the sea we see what will be coming singing on the banks waiting together and telling winding stories of just how the ancient curse has lost its grip so all with God are young forever -Caleb Clardy

For Fans Of 

Explosions In The Sky, Pink Floyd, Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss