Thursday, 19 April 2012

Check out these stunning Zelda movie posters

Check out these stunning Zelda movie posters:

Zelda Ocarina Of Time fan poster

Not a day goes by where hundreds of pieces of fan-made Zelda artwork are thrust into our face, so it takes something pretty special to get our attention. This got our attention.

Marinko Miloseveski is an illustration student from Detroit who decided to create a series of movie-style posters for three of his favourite Zelda games. We’re sure you’ll agree the results are amazing. Click to embiggen:

Zelda Ocarina Of Time fan posterZelda Majora' Mask fan posterZelda Wind Waker fan poster

Marinko also has a couple of fantastic Super Metroid posters over at his illustration website, but you’ll have to pop over there to see those ones. He’s also selling limited edition prints of each poster for around £25 if they you’re really won over by them.