Friday, 6 April 2012

Awesome Album: Last Dinosaurs - In a Million Years

Last Dinosaurs are an Indie Pop group hailing out of Brisbane, Australia and have put out one of the greated debut albums I've heard in ages.

I first came across these guys when their track Honolulu appeard on the BIRP playlist in March 2010 but it wasn't until December that I got around to giving their debut EP Back from the Dead (Dew Process, 2010) a proper listen and fell in love with them instantly. They dropped off my radar for many-a-month after that until their LP surfaced last month and I fell in love with them all over again.

The album if full of rockin Indie Pop gems, each better than the last. I'd suggest some RIYL bands to compare them to, but seriously, these guys are so good there is just no point...regardless of the type of bands you like, it you're into good music you'll love Last Dinosaurs as much as I do.

Do yourself a favour and get In a Million Years now (and I mean RIGHT NOW!), then check out their various web presences below to find details of the soon to start tour.

Dew Process