Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pandoras Tower hits Australian Wii consoles April 12th

 Far as I can tell, this means we're getting it first:
Pandoras Tower hits Australian Wii consoles April 12th: The last of the epic Wii RPGs is here and we get it first and with a new box art.

Nintendo Australia has announced the Australian release date for Pandora’s Tower. The Wii exclusive RPG coming from Japanese developers Ganbarion (who brought us the eccentric Jump Super Stars).  In Pandora’s Tower you play as Areon, he’s a solider who’s fighting to save his friend Elena from turning into a demonic creature thanks to a pesky curse. The game is out here in Australia on April 12th, a day before Europe and possibly infinitely before America. Nintendo Australia didn’t list a retail price.
Interesting too that the game is coming to Australia with the black Wii box art. This box art debuted in Japan a couple years back and designates ’mature’ games. The Australian release of Pandora’s Tower is the first game outside of Japan to use the black box art. Perhaps it’s just a one off, maybe it will continue onto the 3DS line as it has in Japan.

Pandora’s Tower™ is the latest action-packed RPG to come from Nintendo and will be available exclusively on Wii™ from 12th April 2012.  With real-time combat, motion controls, multiple endings and a unique relationship system, Pandora’s Tower offers a unique experience and an epic story that will keep you engrossed for hours.   

  In Pandora’s Tower you take on the role of Aeron, a soldier, as he battles to save his beloved friend Elena from a mysterious curse that is gradually transforming her into a demonic creature. Only by battling through the towers of a nearby fortress can Aeron save her from her gruesome fate. Using his sword and the magical Oraclos Chain, Aeron must defeat the creatures that lurk there and harvest their meat to feed to Elena. Only by eating all of the “master flesh”, harvested from the largest monsters within each tower, will Elena be fully cured of the curse and free from its monstrous grip.

By returning to Elena to feed her meat from the smaller monsters, you can slow down the transformation - but only temporarily. You will need to carefully judge when it is best to return to her, as not coming back in time could lead to Elena’s permanent transformation into a demonic beast.

  Multiple possible endings and a New Game+ mode means that Pandora’s Tower has great replay value and by mastering the unique relationship system you can change Aeron and Elena’s fate. You must not only decide when to return to Elena to stem the tide of her curse, but also what items to give to her. After spending time speaking to her you will become more familiar with her plight and leaving her to continue your quest may become more difficult. Taking the time to build a bond with Elena could even change the ultimate ending of the story. 

  While exploring the labyrinthine towers you’ll come across a wide variety of items. Mavda, a mysterious travelling merchant who can upgrade your weapons, can create special new items by combining two or more items that you have found on your journey. The items that you have discovered while exploring the towers can be given to Elena as gifts to strengthen your bond or be used to help you on your quest to battle the 13 masters – the choice is yours.

Pandora’s Tower features an epic storyline with multiple endings affected by the decisions you make. Explore 13 challenging towers on a mission to save your friend, set to a powerful soundtrack consisting of some of the most popular classical music in the world, including composers such as Verdi and Tchaikovsky. Every decision you make will affect your ultimate success. The choice is yours.