Sunday, 12 February 2012

Random Musings About the Digital Age

These are some random thoughts I came up with about the digital age a while back...I'm about to start my Masters in Information Management @ RMIT, so if I ever decide to go for my Doctorate, this is probably something along the lines that I would write about.

Thesis 101
Everything we know is all ones and zeros.
The numbers 2 through 9 are superfluous; they are all rendered in computer language into a series of 1s and 0s.
All languages, all the letters of all the alphabets known currently to man have been transformed into 1s and 0s; even ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics have been rendered in binary (check this out)
All human knowledge is in the process of being digitised into 1s and 0s (Google literary thing, etc)
Telephone conversations are transmitted digitally
TV signals are beamed into the home as a string of 0s and 1s
The entire Internet is nothing more than an incalculable number of 1s and 0s.
Music is stored digitally
Photos are taken digitally, manipulated digitally, stored digitally.
Movies are shot on digital film
Special effects are almost entirely created in the digital domain.
Even this dissertation is being rendered as 1s and 0s as I type
Our whole lives are contained in digital databases stored somewhere across the globe...Google, Facebook, government departments, home hard drive, etc
All the complexity of human life has been reduced to one of two states of being, either a 1 or a 0; On or Off!!!!
Wars are fought, won and lost based on 1s and 0s
Chess, the ancient game of strategy and skill can be won by a relatively simple process governed entirely by 1s and 0s
Online poker involves nothing more than the transfer of 1s and 0s across networked computer systems
Newspapers are delivered in physical “analogue” format, but the stories and pictures contained therein originated from a computer as 1s and 0s
There is almost no aspect of life today that does not involve computers in one aspect or another, which is all just 1s and 0s.
What happens when there is nothing left but the One and the Zero???????
PS: the analogue clock on the wall is comforting!

Mobile Phone
Movies (increasingly)
Video games
Virtual reality
Radio (becoming)
Cars (computers inbuilt)
Banking systems

Analogue Devices:
Wrist watch (some)
Wall/Grandfather clocks
Radio (outgoing)
Car Engine
Human senses
Human Brian????

Is “Analogue” reality more real than “Digital” reality?
Is reality less real when it’s rendered through binary systems?
Would I enjoy wine any less if it were digital?

What’s the conclusion????
The human race has a choice...will we be 1s or 0s, will we be on or off, will we be alive or dead?

PPS: If I ever to get a Doctorate, I'll be changing my name to Love so I can be Dr Love!