Thursday, 16 February 2012

Iron Sky - sleeper hit of the year?

I've been keeping up on this one for some time through Quiet Earth and various others sites and I have to admit I was intrigued & excited by the project from the get go. The idea of a crowd sourced movie is really exciting, but adding in the high concept plot of Nazis attacking Earth after spending 70 years on the dark side of the moon, especially with Sarah Palin as the US President, is just too cool not to get jazzed about.
With the trailer getting all kinds of buzz on YouTube, I just really hope everyone goes to see this wherever it's playing (while completely ignoring a certain 3D re-release of an already crap movie).
Let this be a wake up call to the Hollywood fatcats that a true Passion project can be worth a thousand crap movies based on toys or cartoons or any other useless remake they may come up with.